4-17-2012  Newshound Guru 8Ball China is sitting on all currency's they compete by devaluing each others currency's  to stay competitive.  The change on Friday was China's attempt to become or compete against the US, 1 cent adjustment on a day can add up quickly especially when the RMB is worth 15 cents  I believe...China pulled the peg...let the currency adjustments begin, as an example as China rises South Korea rises, as China rises Vietnam Dong will rise, etc.

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04/17/2012 11:12am

do we have a window of the rv?

B Ray
04/17/2012 3:06pm

Hopefully , this month , would be a great birthday present for myself !!!

04/19/2012 8:19am

Okieoilman and Bulldog are both lover neither one tell the truth their only intel is with each other while laying there at night blowing kisses in each other ear,that why they both have each other back so well. and that what i think about them too.

04/19/2012 10:04am

stanley, you should proof read before posting your comments. your 19 year high school education dosent seem to be paying off ! and dis is cumin from a 18 yr high scewl vet. just sayin ! hee hee. i dont like okie or bullfrog eeder.

05/03/2012 11:58am

Stanley...You are flat out an IDIOT. Nuff said.

05/14/2012 4:15pm

Hey Tim & Steve!
Stanley is just jive talking... anything to get you to react. But I have to agree that those guys were calling an RV every week. "It's going to happen by Tuesday or Thursday!" And by Friday, they was making the same claim all over again for the next week! We're all going to be surprised when his finally happen, but in the meanwhile... we wait!

04/20/2012 6:20pm

the two gay guy is calling the RV again this time they have cap 1 with them maybe it will be a threesome.

05/05/2012 11:55pm

Hey Stanley you numb nutted dork !! You done shooting off your mouth about people and things you know nothing about ???

04/21/2012 12:16pm

yep and I cant beleive it when they say dont call or go to bank, like their the only one with a relationship with the bank. were suppose wait like children for them to tell us what to do. do u really think the bankers are going to call iraq and tell them hold up we have too meany people aware of what is going on! get real, i dont think so. the reason they dont want u calling or going to bank is u imediately prove them uninformed liars.

dong guru
04/24/2012 7:43pm

Just got the word in from my intel sources. They say that the Dong is not going to revalue and its just a scam on websites like this to try and get you to invest in this. We report you decide...

04/25/2012 8:35am

Here we go again with that dont call the banks crap, just how stupid do they think we are? Calling banks will have no effect on RV period. Think about it folks if we could have that much impact on this we would already have RV. Also banks want this just as bad as we do. The gurus just dont want you confirming them wrong. If it makes you feel better to call then call, think about it, the banks work for us who invest with them, dont they? So if im paying someone to work for me i do beleive i can call and ask a question, if not i need to hire someone else!

04/27/2012 1:59pm

now we have okie on line crying and beggin don't arrest me after he con all us poor folks into to buy dinar for his own gain you need to go straight to jail right next to bubba Just you remember one thing you son of a witch from Matthew 7:21-23 Not everyone saying to me Lord Lord will enter into the kingdom of the heavens,but the one doing the will of the father Who is in heavens will Many will say to me that day LORD LORD did we not prophesy in your name and expel demons in your name,and perform many powerful works in your name? And yet then i will confess to them:I never knew you.Get away from me you worker of lawlessness.So i say that to say to you your day is coming sinner.

Ex Fed
04/30/2012 1:19pm

Okie and Cap1 are con men. They have called RV soooooo many times. Please folks don't listen to them.

05/11/2012 4:03pm

Okie has called the RV over 15 times in the last 8 years.... he is a loose canon BUT dont loose track that this will all happen, it just wont be as he says it will..... and if it does he will just be lucky or have posted in just the right time to save face... but then again does it matter to him?? none of us will ever meet him... he has nothing to lose with all his misinformation!

Dong Guru
05/07/2012 1:52am

If you check back on the Dinar website in 5 years time it will still be the same recycled info and lies. There is no such thing as an RV and this website is just designed to make people PANIC BUY Dong and Dinar .
My intel at the bank says the RV is just a fabrication and he knows nothing of the RV . Scroll back through the entire site and its just recycled posts saying its GOING TO HAPPEN TODAY but nothing ever happens .

05/07/2012 4:48pm

No such thing and you have been going thru this for 5 years. Want to buy my half of the Golden Gate Bridge? Speaking of gold, I also have a gold mine you can buy into. Been mining it for ten years. Haven't pull one ounce out of it yet. Can you hang on for 5 more years?

05/11/2012 4:01pm

ok now your just stupid... its far from a fabrication... i have been in iraq for sometime now... things are happening.....

05/07/2012 5:31am

think about this ,, we are dealing with a 3000 year old country ,, all things happen in slow time . god was born there and they killed
him there. i think it may take the same time to rv, not in our life

05/14/2012 11:03am

I think you mean Jesus! The father & son is not the same. But I am sooo losing faith in this all RV! We'll see what this week brings!

Leo Wanker
05/08/2012 9:12pm

Nothing but a bunch of Ding Dongs over at the Dinar site. Same crapo everyday .

Nigel Lovelace
05/13/2012 3:38am

Why do women have tattoos these days and grow balls? Because they run everything and i am sure its a woman who is controlling this illusive RV and dragging it out.
See you again on the Paul Hogan show!

05/14/2012 4:04pm

Nigel.... What is wrong with you?
I think you need to be hugged!

05/14/2012 9:24am

So is this gonna happen or not? just facts please people no opinions please as much as i love them !

05/14/2012 4:07pm

Who know's, justwantsomemoney.... who knows!
I just think we'll ALL be happy when this thing ends.
Tomorrow can't come soon enough

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